Monday, December 9, 2013

A Family Reunion: Freaks and Geeks

 I've got a tumblr now. I don't even know how to link to it, I'm so new. I mostly follow people who post funny gifs from The Mindy Project and scans from old Delia's catalogs. I'm also inadvertently learning more than I ever wanted to know about One Direction. But every once and a while, I come across a gem, like these pics from a Vanity Fair Photo shoot

Look at Sammy Sam all grown up!

Um Jason Schwartzman?!? I totally forgot he was in that show for a second.
But where's Shia Labeouf? And Ben Foster?

I love these people.
If you haven't watched Freaks and Geeks yet, repent now.
It's all on Netflix. 
Just 18 episodes. 
Each one is golden.
Consider is my Christmas gift to you.

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