Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Music for your Midweek: Robyn and Real Ones

This song recently re-entered my music rotation, so now I listen to it at least 5 times a day. It's just too good:

I love her dance moves. I love her style.
Maybe I need to dye my hair white?

I first became obsessed with this song about a year ago when I found this cover by The Real Ones and Alaska Jonas (Norway shout-out wohoo!):

Isn't it the saddest sounding thing? I think it's great.

Friday, November 22, 2013

November Mix: If I threw you a line, I'd only entangle you.

It's a mix and it's for youuuuuu

1. Sprout and the Bean - Joanna Newsom
2. Tumbling Bay - Stornoway
3. White Teeth Teens - Lorde
4. You're The One For Me - Great Good Fine Ok
5. Weird Shapes - Surfer Blood
6. Mean Streets - Tennis
7. Can't Describe Her - Ang Low
8. Indiana (Bronze Whale Remix) - Tom Aspaul
9. Lost (Frank Ocean Cover) - TRAILS AND WAYS
10. We'll Be Fine - Lincoln Jesser
11. Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) - Mikky Ekko
12. Another New World - Josh Ritter
13. Destroyer - Panama
14. Rake - Sufjan Stevens
15. So far (Tiger Baby Remix) - Marsheaux
16. Like Real People Do - Hozier

1. fall stuff
2. new stuff
3. great stuff
4. Thanks to Katilda for this one! I really like it.
5. My favorite Surfer Blood song. They played it at their show, and I was just like a little girl. Did I tell you, I got to go to a meet-and-greet before the show? It was so awkward. I mean, they were lovely people, but what do you say? "I like your music." That's it. the other guy at the meet-and-greet was a super fan and was just so thrilled to be there. It was darling darling.
9. I need more music like this in my life. "Bossanova dream pop" with lyrics translated into Portuguese? And I'm obsessed with Frank Ocean? Great Great Great.
12. Punch Brothers does a mean cover of this song. Listen to it here.
16. That "Take Me To Church" guy. Nice.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

All my hearts desires in one bottle...

For the past few months, my mom and I have been the recipients of countless mini-miracles.We've had countless people help us with little/big things that have made our life easier (i.e. fixing our furnace so we don't freeze this winter, inviting our family over for dinner, etc). I've been the recipient of free tickets to things I wanted to see (James Taylor, In the Heights, and Surfer Blood). And my mom got in a car accident, which believe it or not, was actually a good thing. Our car was going to need a lot of work soon. But now, instead of spending a good couple thousand dollars to fix our old car, she received a check from the car insurance company for more than what our car was worth. See? A little blessing. There's a gospel analogy in there somewhere, right? "Get in a car accident, get something better-er". You'll be hearing it in General Conference soon, I'm sure.

This has happened to many times to count, where the universe just DELIVERS what we NEED. 

And it's happened AGAIN!

So I like looking at beauty here, here, and here. It's become sort of an addiction. 
Anyway. Everyone on those sites just love Lush, and I sort of do too now that they have a store in Salt Lake. It's expensive though, so I don't own anything from them. But I love reading reviews of their products and making wishlists for when I become a millionaire. People on those sites have been talking about this perfume that came out a year or so ago that sounds just heavenly...

It's called Rose Jam

"We've taken a real Turkish rose oil and rose absolute, added a hint of zingy lemon and a dash of geranium oil, which brings its own sweet, floral and slightly sharp note to the mix. The resulting fragrance is rich and fruity - a modern, youthful perfume that's nothing like the old-fashioned rose scents found on granny's dressing table."


Alas, it was very limited edition. They use the scent in a body conditioner and shower gel, and people had been begging for a perfume version for a while. So they released it online, and it sold out in just a couple days. And that was before I even knew it existed. :( One of my aunts makes her own rose jam, and it's the most heavenly thing you'll ever eat. It's like eating sweet perfume and it's the prettiest color and I love it. I would love to be able to wear something that smells like it. 

Just this week I started scouring message boards to see if there was any chance that they would release the perfume again...nothing. BUT THEN, on Tuesday morning, I visit Now Smell This, and they had this to report:

On Friday, Lush will launch a set of 5 limited edition perfumes based on fragrances from their popular bath, body & hair products, and including several that have been launched before in this form. This year's set: Rose Jam, Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Ponche, and one that will be announced on Friday — it's a surprise. 
Rose Jam ~ "the decadent scent of Turkish rose and uplifting citrus." 
Snow Fairy ~ "a sweet and cheery combination of cotton candy and vanilla." 
Snowcake ~ "the comforting scent of almond icing and marzipan." 
Ponche ~ "inspired by traditional Mexican punch, this smells of fresh berries and fruits plus warming spices." 
Lush Rose Jam, Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Ponche and ? will be available in 30 ml, in the bottle style shown above. They will be sold while supplies last; the sale starts at 5 pm EST/2 pm PST on Lush USA.
It's meant to be!
And I really want Snowcake!
And Ponche!


Except for Snow Fairy, blech.

But I have no idea how many dollars each of them will cost, so I'm trying to temper myself. I've blind bought (when you buy without testing them out) a bunch of perfumes from Demeter (every so often they have them for 50% off, so it's not too unreasonable an impulse purchase), and been disappointed most of the time. Except for Cannabis Flower. That is a good scent to add to sweet perfumes so they don't smell so cloying. But I only bought it because Cannabis Rose is expensive, and hard to find. Do you see a trend? Rose and Marijuana, my favorite smells. That's about as edgy as a Mormon girl can get. So anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that Rose Jam doesn't sell out. And that it's not too expensive. They're selling it tomorrow and I'm SO EXCITED.

Is it silly that I get so worked up over scented water? It's the little things you guys.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Music for your Midweek: "Tonight You Belong to Me"

This video has been floating around for the past few months, and I just love love love it. I love seeing their relationship and how he doesn't tell his daughter that she's being silly about the fireworks. It's the best.

Eddie Vedder and Cat Power do a nice little version of this song too:


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recap Attack: Rash decision, pretty things, not acting my age, and the death of an onion

Home sweet home

Home Sweet Home

We got Kara a new boyfriend and she was terrified

In case you want to know what to get me for Christmas...
They sell it at Harmon's

Artsy shots in the back yard

We found some treasures going through our old school projects.
Jeremy was a cool dude.

Scored free tickets to In The Heights. It was really great and made me
wish I was a theater kid again. You can listen to some of favorite tracks on
my Nerd Alert Spotify play list. It has all the best picks from
some of my favorite musicals. 

I also won tickets to see Surfer Blood play at Urban Lounge
(I win things a lot). It was a weirdo funny show

This bearded fellow set his chair right up on the stage to watch the show
and received the equivalent of a musical lap dance.

Remember when I was on my mission and I wanted to being back Latin music but all the girls were dressed immodestly, so I used a sharpie to give them more clothing? I just found those CDs again
Pumpkins at FHE. Mine is the day of the dead one.

I went to Panguitch for the weekend with some friends. I was camera happy.

We went to this great old movie theater there. It burned down in the 80's, and this is the sign that survived the fire. It has since been reconstructed, and it is neat-o. Seriously, you should visit it sometime.

We made it over to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was beautiful.

Then we took 50 million photos trying to catch a shot that was flattering for each of us.

It was a struggle...

Caitlin, open your eyes!

Too excited... and bunny ears.

This one's my favorite.

I dressed up as a burglar a couple times for Halloween,
but the makeup didn't hold up well during a dance party

So I opted to be Mother Nature on Halloween night instead...

...along with 3 of my roommates! Mothers Nature.

Eight of us squished into a two-door car. Shiny faces from
using eye shadow as lipstick, blush, and pretty much everywhere.

Trying to drive with cardboard Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp can get a bit tricky/crowded.

Will Turner hiding in the bushes outside the house...

We made macarons!

My hair before...

...and my hair after.

Death of an onion. So violent. Rated R

As you can see, I've spent the last few weeks pretending I'm 22. It's pretty nice.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big news!

I got bangs!

Oh yeah, and I also cut off the rest of my hair.

Here's to spending the next six months desperately trying not to look like Justin Bieber.