Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music for your Midweek: Stromae - "Tous Les Memes"

Have I told you my best music finding technique (besides listening to Spotify online by logging into Really helpful if your office doesn't like you to download things onto you computer...) ? It's no secret that I'm Spotify obsessed. One of my favorite features is their "Top Tracks" tab. It shows you a list of the most played songs AND you can narrow it down by country. I was going through tracks in different countries in Europe, and noticed that this guy "Stomae" kept coming up.


I became OBSESSED.

Stromae is a Belgian rapper, and is famous pretty much all over Europe. He raps in french (duh) which I do not speak at all, but really, it doesn't even matter. I wish I spoke French though, because he has all these funny turns of phrase that play off of french grammar rules. For example, did you know that using the english word "hashtag" is ILLEGAL? Thanks to Stromae and researching his lyrics, now I know.

Anyway, you may remember Stromae from his hit from 2009 "Alors on danse". There was also a remix with Kanye, but it's a waste of time. When I found him this summer, my favorite song was "Formidable". It's just so sad and great.
Stromae just came out with a new single and it is FANTASTIC. Give it a listen:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music for your Midweek: Beyonce - "Upgrade You" and special dance bonus!

I still haven't given Beyonce's new album a solid listen. Any of you have the dvd I can borrow? It's necesary to watch it with the music videos included, duh. Anyway, here's our girl Bey. About this time every winter, I get into a dancey mood. Which means I watch hour upon hour of dance videos like the following. *The boys at 2:20 are my favorite* Time to re-institute roommate dance practice at the Animal House! I need to master these moves.

And a bonus! This video from some local kids has gone viral. do you recognize that Salt Lake alley. I'm so proud. Star Wars + twerking is better than you think, trust.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Music for your Midweek: Mr Hudson - "Fred Astaire"

I delayed in posting it for a while because the best video I could find has sort of a semi-naked girl in it but yolo or whatever. Listen to it with your eyes clothes if needs be. Anyway. Mr. Hudson is a genius. He works with Kanye. (Yeezy "designed" a shoe named after him with Louis Vuitton). And now he's collaborating with Miley? He has such a smooth voice, don't you think?

Can't handle him.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Music for your Midweek: Natalia Lafourcade "Ella es bonita" and "Azul"

Here's a playful, lovely performance brought to you by Natalia Lafourcade and my favorite La Blogotheque. I've loved her song "Azul" since 2010. It's become an anthem of sorts. Hope you like it:

Friday, January 3, 2014

January Mix: "You're going to be ok anyway..."

This is the perfect mix to serve as a soundtrack to your upcoming 2014 existential crisis. Enjoy!

2. The Wire - Haim
3. Lost It To Trying - Son Lux
4. Chain My Name - Polica
6. Shout It Out - Mikal Cronin
7. Buried Alive - Veronica Falls
8. Dropla - Youth Lagoon
9. Open - Rhye
10. Celebrating Nothing - Phantogram
11. Retrograde - James Blake
13. Moondust (Stripped down) - Jaymes Young
15. Autumn - Airhead
16. Love More Worry Less - Bipolar Sunshine

1. Norwegians, so witty. They're everywhere!
2. Haim always delivers. Also, my mom's new favorite band! She's very excited for their concert coming up in May.
4. Here's another favorite song by the group
5. THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS. Thin Lizzy. They are way cooler than anything. I just can't handle it guys. 
7. So much death in this mix. Sorry guys, it's a theme.
12. This cover is really messing with my brain. I loved how he made it major. Here's the original for reference.
15. Too much. This song takes me back to the months before my dad died. It's hard to listen to it, but hopefully therapeutic as well? It reminds me of the scene in A Christmas Carol where Scrooge is with the Ghost of Christmas Past and he sees his younger self working all the time and he yells at young Scrooge to run out the door after Isabella after she breaks off their engagement. But he can't do anything because everything he sees are just shadows of things that have already happened. That's what it's like, listening to this song.
16. One of my many 2014 resolutions. I think we could all use it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

"And here's the reveal..."

Not much to say, just thought this was pretty funny: