Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Poem for Thursday: "The Road Home" - Rumi

The Road Home

An ant hurries along a threshing floor
with its wheat grain, moving between huge stacks
of wheat, not knowing the abundance 
all around. It thinks its one grain 
is all there is to love.

So we choose a tiny seen to be devoted to.
This body, one path or one teacher.
Look wider and farther.

The essence of every human being can see,
and what that essence-eyes takes in,
the being becomes. Saturn. Soloman!

The ocean pours through a jar,
and you might say it swims inside 
the fish! This mystery gives peace to 
your longing and makes the road home home.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Poem for Thursday: "Quietness" - Rumi

Inside this new love, die.
Your way begins on the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.
Escape. Walk out
like someone suddenly born into color.
Do it now.
You're covered with thick cloud.
Slide out the side. Die,
and be quiet. Quietness is the surest 
sign that you've died.
Your old life was a frantic running
from silence.

The speechless full moon comes out now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hey little apple blossom...

I don't know what it is, but I miss these two like woah right now:

I would marry you any day, Jack White.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A bit of this and that

What a week.

I moved out of my apartment and into homelessness. Well, not quite homelessness. My kind friend Meisha has been letting me stay with her, but now she has to move out, and I'm heading over to my aunt's home in Spanish Fork til the 25th.

Here are some things going on in my life:

1. All I want to do is watch this

I know. It's pretty nerdy.

2. After cruising around modcloth. I decided I need 500% more dresses in my life. Here are the ones you can buy for me:

3. You get more back then you give.
I won tickets from the Mayor's blog the other day, but passed on the tickets to Meisha since I just found out I had to go to an American Legion gathering for work. I was bummed that I was missing the show, but that quickly dissipated as I spent time with the Legionnaires. Oh man. Just being around vetrans gets me choked up. Post 13 is named after Dea Mendenhall who died in combat. His sister was there and brought her grandson, a young guy, who was the same age as her brother when he was killed. It just about broke my heart. As I get older, my appreciation for the men and women who serve our country grows stronger and stronger. It was a pretty modest affair, but I admit, I shed a few tears at the dinner.
Anyway. I got home to ask Meisha about the show, and she handed me an envelope with a card for two tickets to "Wait Until Dark" next month! I guess they won the tickets while they were at the show. Funny, right? So I will get to enjoy a show after all. 

4. I miss school super bad. Nerd Alert.

5. I think I need to move somewhere east...

7. And I really think I just need to be a wedding singer. I'm not kidding you guys. THAT IS STILL MY DREAM.

Ok. This list proves that I'm not ready to be an adult yet. How about you guys make my decisions for me, ok?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Poem for Thursday: "Walnuts" - Rumi

Philosophers have said that we love music 
because it resembles the sphere-sounds

of union. We've been part of a harmony
before, so these moments of treble and bass

keep our remembering fresh. But how
does this happen within these dense bodies

full of forgetfulness and doubt and
grieving? It's like water passing through us. 

It becomes acidic and bitter, but still as 
urine it retains watery qualities.

It will put out a fire! So there is this music 
flowing through our bodies that can dowse

restlessness. Hearing the sound, we gather
strength. Love kindles with melody. Music

feeds a lover composure, and provides form
for the imagination. Music breathes

on personal fire and makes it keener.
The waterhole is deep. A thirsty man climbs

a walnut tree growing next to the pool 
and drops walnuts one by one into 

the beautiful place. he listens carefully 
to the sound as they hit and watches

the bubbles. A more rational man gives advice,
"You'll regret doing this. You're so far

from the water that by the time you get down
to gather walnuts, the water will have 

carried them away." He replies, "I'm not 
here for walnuts, I want the music

they make when they hit."

Friday, August 10, 2012

August Mix: Feel The Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme

boom baby.

You're welcome.

1. Simbarere - Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
2. Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex & Damian Marley
3. I Could Go - Oberhofer
4. Gettin' Jiggy Wit it (Viceroy "Jet Life" Remix) - Will Smith 
5. Look At Where We Are - Hot Chip
6. Petition - Tennis
7. Two Step - Bear Mountain
8. Go Away My Lover - Elizabeth & The Catapult
9. Put A Penny In The Slot - Fionn Regan
10. Real Hero (College/Electric Youth cover) - Germany Germany feat. Kotomi
11. Untrust Us - Crystal Castles
12. We Share Our Mother's Health (remix of The Knife) - Ratatat
13. Videotape (Mojib Remix) - Radiohead
14. For Today I Am a Boy - Antony & The Johnsons

2. I rediscovered this song when I went to a Bee's game and one of the players used it as his them when he walked up to bat. Besides that discovery, I think baseball is pretty much pointless. SORRY.
3. More Oberhofer. You can probably find this on a commercial. Typical gross.
4. What is going on with the Smith Family lately? FOR RILLS. I MEAN, HONESTLY.
5. Hot Chip is so darling.
8. Thank you 90.9
10. Anyone else still recovering from Drive? Let me tell you, there is this guy from work whose voice is IDENTICAL to Ryan Gosling's. It is so distracting. A bunch of us are meeting up for lunch today and supposedly he is going to be there and I have to MENTALLY PREPARE MYSELF FOR THIIIIIIISSSSSSS
11. La cocaina no es buena para su salud.
13. Could this song get any sadder? Oh yes. It can.
14. One day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Poem for Thursday: "If you want what visible reality can give..." - Rumi

If you want what visible reality can give,
you're an employee.

If you want the unseen world,
you're not living your truth.

Both wishes are foolish,
but you'll be forgiven for forgetting
that what you really want is 
love's confusing joy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Body Electric

You want to see this:

Don't worry, there is almost zero storyline, just how I like it. 

Also, have you guys been watching So You Think You Can Dance? 
I love Cyrus. He's a trooper.

And did you watch Oscar Pistorius run yesterday? He is such an inspiration.

Between him and Chad le Clos, I'm starting to get a crush on Team South Africa.

Watching all these artists and athletes are helping me appreciate my body more. I want to treat it right.

"...glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
1 Corinthians 6:19

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Funday

Posts from this site have been all over my Facebook feed lately, and I love it.

Here are some faves:

When you walk into church, see your name on the program, 
and remember you were supposed to give a talk in sacrament meeting:
It's happened to me. More than once
When there's a Break the Fast Linger Longer, and I have not interest in being social:

When the office goes to Happy Hour and I'm the only one not wasted:

Hope you have a happy Sunday!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Poem for Thursday: "Drumsound rises on the air..." - Rumi

Drumsound rises on the air, 
its throb, my heart.

A voice inside the beat says, 
"I know you're tired,
but come this way."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I am an Olympian

I'm on a roll.

This weekend was non-stop. I got much needed sun, much needed friend time, and much needed sleep.

And Monday, for the first time ever (even though I've lived in Provo on and off for SEVEN years)...
I hiked the Y!


I thought this day would never come. AND I was on the fast side, I guess. I should have timed it. I want to make it a weekly thing. We'll see.

I've really been trying to pick up the pace, in all facets of my life. I can go forever at a comfortable pace, but that's not what I'm here to do. We're not here to be comfortable. We're here to push ourselves. I was talking to my friend about getting tired of taking risks. Her response?
"I know that feeling well. Tell it to go to hell."
That's a pretty perfect way to sum it up. We can't afford to feel tired about doing what is necessary. I've loved watching the olympics the past few days and seeing athlete after athlete putting it all on the line, watching as their success is determined by mere milliseconds and centimeters. And while I'm not going to be a "real" olympian, I want to take advantage of this new momentum I have, and let it carry me somewhere new.

*My new theme song*
Hello, August.
I'm ready for you.