Monday, June 11, 2012

watcha watcha watcha want pt.1

I'm almost half-way through my VISTA year. It's unsettling doing one thing in one place for so long. Time to start thinking of the future...


1. Wedding Singer
Still think it would be the best job ever

2. Google Street View Driver/Bike
You can see some crazy stuff:

 See more here. I love to drive. I love to wander. Sound like a perfect fit.

3. Part of J-Lo's entourage.

First off, I like perks. I want the kind of life where I get regular mani-pedis, go on expensive juice cleanses, and travel the world. Essentially, I want the perks of being famous, without being famous. What better way to do that then be a hanger-on? I already have nanny-skills, and I can cheerfully do meaningless tasks like picking up coffee and laundry. No problem. I would be GOOD.
Plus, Jennifer Lopez is awesome, and I wish I was her. I could use some of her life tips. Plus, she can get away with ANYTHING.

4. Alpaca Rancher

My mom went to Colorado and visited an alpaca farm. When she got back, she told me she could totally se me doing something like that. She was right! It would be awesome. 
Alpacas just seem like they're from some sort of other universe. What strange looking animals.

Look at those eyelashes! They look like magic!

There's even an alpaca ranch you can visit in Utah! I'm going to Denver in July, and I'm seriously thinking of asking to do an apprenticeship at that ranch. For reals.

5. Envelope stuffer/paper stapler/data entry girl

Every once and a while, it's nice to have some mindless tasks. Give me an iPod full of books on tape and "This American Life" podcasts, and I'm good to go.

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