Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Danger of a Story

Now that I'm on this story kick, I figured I would share one of my favorite TED talks with you:

I love this talk; it is so needed.
Many of us get frustrated when "our story" is told for us, especially when it is one dimensional and wrong. It makes me stop and think about all the incomplete stories I have heard and believed in my life. I'm worried that it is going to get worse. 
While the information we receive through television and internet becomes more personalized, stories that don't fit our world view are left out. Computer algorithms analyze our searches and clicks, finding information we seem to be drawn to. But is also omits information that doesn't interest us. It assures we are offended as little as possible. Our views our challenged as little as possible. Instead of growing and becoming richer, our world is, in a way, shrinking.

How do we fight it?
Do any of you have an ideas?

I'm not sure myself.
But I know that I want the full story.

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