Friday, June 29, 2012

Musical Roots

My love affair with music started young. In my formative years in London, Dad says that I loved to jam to "Top of the Pops". I loved musical soundtracks (particularly Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera). When we lived in DC, my favorite station was Radio AAHS (for the longest time I thought it was Radio Oz. I was wrong). The songs on that station made me very environmentally and socially aware. Especially this song (didn't people realize this would terrify kids?) and this song, and of course, this song.  No wonder I turned out the way I did. OH MY GOSH AND DON'T FORGET THIS ONE. I also got this cd for one of my birthdays: 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's "I am the Cute One"

Homegirls were stylin', even back then. This is one of my favorite tracks. Though I'm afraid it takes a whole different tone since this was pre-Monika Lewinsky scandel. Oh dear.

Finally, I got my hands on an awesome cassette. Yeah, that's right. CASSETTE TAPE. One that would lead me to "grown-up" songs and bands. 

Oh yeah!

This tape was AWESOME. Absolutely every song was a winner. They helped me seem cool when I moved to a new state (Utah) and a new school. (I actually forgot that, but I was in the same class as George, and he told me that on my birthday, I told everyone that they were my favorite band. Cool points). I remember trying to explain the depth and complexity of the lyrics from "All That She Wants" to my best friend Genny. I love love loved them. 

Admit it.

You love them too.

That's why I really loved this video I found (could do without the last 30 seconds though):

I like the Flamenco vibe of "Cruel Summer," perfect. Oh memories.

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