Friday, June 8, 2012

June Mix: Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

What can I say? I had to make this mix in a hurry.

It turned out sort of perfect though, if I do say so my self.

1. In the Danger - Blake Miller
2. I Saw You Blink - Stornoway
3. This Head I Hold - Electric Guest
4. The Long Run - Jhameel
5. Ready Or Not - The Fugees
6. Chillin' On The Plane (M.I.A//Lady Gaga//Wale) - Brand-x
7. Manchester - Kishi Bashi
8. Fifteen (ft Chela) - Goldroom
9. Leave The Lights On - Meiko
10. Gone Tomorrow (Live at Cecil Sharp House) - The Staves
11. Alice Springs - Mystery Jets
12. Hjerteknuser - Kaizers Orchestra
13. Holiday - Poor Moon
14. Pioneers - The Lighthouse and The Whaler
15. On the Sea - Beach House
16. Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov

1. Blake Miller. You are a tricky one to find. Nothing on Soundcloud OR Youtube. Strange.
2. I'm just liking these guys a lot of the time.
5. I always forget how AWESOME these guys are. Am I right?
8. You can snag this track for free if you like these guys on Facebook.
12. Norwegian.
15. They will be here soon!

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