Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Poem for Thursday: "Walnuts" - Rumi

Philosophers have said that we love music 
because it resembles the sphere-sounds

of union. We've been part of a harmony
before, so these moments of treble and bass

keep our remembering fresh. But how
does this happen within these dense bodies

full of forgetfulness and doubt and
grieving? It's like water passing through us. 

It becomes acidic and bitter, but still as 
urine it retains watery qualities.

It will put out a fire! So there is this music 
flowing through our bodies that can dowse

restlessness. Hearing the sound, we gather
strength. Love kindles with melody. Music

feeds a lover composure, and provides form
for the imagination. Music breathes

on personal fire and makes it keener.
The waterhole is deep. A thirsty man climbs

a walnut tree growing next to the pool 
and drops walnuts one by one into 

the beautiful place. he listens carefully 
to the sound as they hit and watches

the bubbles. A more rational man gives advice,
"You'll regret doing this. You're so far

from the water that by the time you get down
to gather walnuts, the water will have 

carried them away." He replies, "I'm not 
here for walnuts, I want the music

they make when they hit."

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