Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music for your Midweek: Stromae - "Tous Les Memes"

Have I told you my best music finding technique (besides listening to Spotify online by logging into Really helpful if your office doesn't like you to download things onto you computer...) ? It's no secret that I'm Spotify obsessed. One of my favorite features is their "Top Tracks" tab. It shows you a list of the most played songs AND you can narrow it down by country. I was going through tracks in different countries in Europe, and noticed that this guy "Stomae" kept coming up.


I became OBSESSED.

Stromae is a Belgian rapper, and is famous pretty much all over Europe. He raps in french (duh) which I do not speak at all, but really, it doesn't even matter. I wish I spoke French though, because he has all these funny turns of phrase that play off of french grammar rules. For example, did you know that using the english word "hashtag" is ILLEGAL? Thanks to Stromae and researching his lyrics, now I know.

Anyway, you may remember Stromae from his hit from 2009 "Alors on danse". There was also a remix with Kanye, but it's a waste of time. When I found him this summer, my favorite song was "Formidable". It's just so sad and great.
Stromae just came out with a new single and it is FANTASTIC. Give it a listen:

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