Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recap Attack: Rash decision, pretty things, not acting my age, and the death of an onion

Home sweet home

Home Sweet Home

We got Kara a new boyfriend and she was terrified

In case you want to know what to get me for Christmas...
They sell it at Harmon's

Artsy shots in the back yard

We found some treasures going through our old school projects.
Jeremy was a cool dude.

Scored free tickets to In The Heights. It was really great and made me
wish I was a theater kid again. You can listen to some of favorite tracks on
my Nerd Alert Spotify play list. It has all the best picks from
some of my favorite musicals. 

I also won tickets to see Surfer Blood play at Urban Lounge
(I win things a lot). It was a weirdo funny show

This bearded fellow set his chair right up on the stage to watch the show
and received the equivalent of a musical lap dance.

Remember when I was on my mission and I wanted to being back Latin music but all the girls were dressed immodestly, so I used a sharpie to give them more clothing? I just found those CDs again
Pumpkins at FHE. Mine is the day of the dead one.

I went to Panguitch for the weekend with some friends. I was camera happy.

We went to this great old movie theater there. It burned down in the 80's, and this is the sign that survived the fire. It has since been reconstructed, and it is neat-o. Seriously, you should visit it sometime.

We made it over to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was beautiful.

Then we took 50 million photos trying to catch a shot that was flattering for each of us.

It was a struggle...

Caitlin, open your eyes!

Too excited... and bunny ears.

This one's my favorite.

I dressed up as a burglar a couple times for Halloween,
but the makeup didn't hold up well during a dance party

So I opted to be Mother Nature on Halloween night instead...

...along with 3 of my roommates! Mothers Nature.

Eight of us squished into a two-door car. Shiny faces from
using eye shadow as lipstick, blush, and pretty much everywhere.

Trying to drive with cardboard Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp can get a bit tricky/crowded.

Will Turner hiding in the bushes outside the house...

We made macarons!

My hair before...

...and my hair after.

Death of an onion. So violent. Rated R

As you can see, I've spent the last few weeks pretending I'm 22. It's pretty nice.

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