Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's winter. Time to Let Town Pale. Time to Plot New Tale.

This morning.

I had to scrape snow off my car.

It was only a centimeter of snow and ice, but enough that it would have impaired my vision if I started driving. It's symbolic, ok?*

The cold weather also signifies I'm getting meaner. One of my co-workers (who I've only interacted with maybe two times) told me, "You're awesome!". Really? Do you even know me? I'm mediocre most of the time. And that's not me being modest, that's me being honest. I brush my teeth in most normal way. I type at my computer at an average speed. My clothes and manner are unremarkable. I'm not awe-inspiring, intimidating, or accomplished. Doing you a favor doesn't make me "awesome", it just makes me polite.


Mean, mean, mean.


I just wanted to let you know that since it's getting cold, you are all required to listen to Owen Pallet/Final Fantasy all day long.

Do you have five minutes and twenty seconds? Listen to a favorite song:

Do you have five minutes and forty one seconds? Listen to another favorite song of his:

Do you have an hour and six minutes? How about you watch this concert:

Do you have many hours?

Listen to everything here:

or here:

Or read some other posts I did about him here or here.

*You may be wondering why I was driving since my work is practically across the street from my house. I left twenty minutes early so I could drive a mile away to Carls Jr. for a lackluster breakfast sandwich. Breakfast fast food is my ultimate weakness. It is so bad. I also, woke up at 5:45 this morning, and then lounged in bed for the next 2 hours reading instead of going to the gym. For reals. What is wrong with me? To make up for it, I'll walk to the gym for my yoga class tonight. Deal?

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