Friday, November 7, 2014

November Mix: Remnants

Too cold for any fun. Just stay inside and listen to some music.

1. All My Loving - Amy Winehouse

2. Baby Baby - Tropkillaz

3. I Summon You - Spoon

4. The Build Up - Kimbra

5. So Sorry - Feist

6. How Can You Live With Yourself? - Alex Anwandter 

7. Queen - Perfume Genius

8. Leave Me Alone - New Order

9. World of Pleasure - Radioactivity

10. Blackbird Through the Dark - Patrick Park

11. Without a Face - Luluc

12. Waiting - Alice Boman

13. Kiss Me Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield

14. Coming Home - Leon Bridges

Here's the Spotify playlist. Several tracks missing:

2. Too groovy. There are just a handful of downsides about moving away from Provo. One of the worst? No more dance parties :(((
5. I don't know what it is, but most movies I watch on an airplane secure a special place in my heart. Back in 2007, I was flying home from Nepal when I watched "Jane Austen Book Club". Maybe I was initially just suffering from one of these reactions. But guys. This is one of my fave movies now. Even when I'm not flying. I can watch it a million times.
6. Love this groovy Chilean singer. Listen to all his songs. Especially "Tormenta".
7. Saw Perfume Genius last month. He truly lives up to his name. Listen to all his songs and see all his shows and for heaven's sake buy that "feminem" t-shirt while you're at the show cause it's the only place you can get them and I totally regret not buying one :(((
9. Jeremy showed me this song. Wish I had gone to the show at Diabolical when they came through!
10. I was able to see Patrick Park back in May, all on my lonesome. You probably remember him from this track and the OC. His music reminds me of driving through forests and red rock country in Northern Arizona while working at Jacob Lake. The sweetest thing. Kilby Court was maybe a third full. He talked about one of his recent shows where a girl complimented him on his cover of "Something Pretty". Poor guy.
11. Thanks to Ingrid for sending me a link to this Tiny Desk Concert! Great discovery.
13. "My life is falling apart
or is it getting better?
I don't know."

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