Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Music for your Midweek: Torres - "New Skin"

Torres is carrying on setting the stage for a moody summer. I've been listening to "Strange Hellos" and "Sprinter" whenever I'm feeling angsty/on the daily. Here is Mackenzie Scott playing my fave version of "New Skin". Her voice can get quite dramatic, so I like the simpler accompaniment.

Found this article yesterday about Christianity and indie rock. An interesting read. It cites a Pitchfork article which might also be worth your time. From the interview: 
"For some reason I just feel as though I was predisposed to some sense of loss from childhood—my nightmares were about losing my parents to a car accident or a fire. I've become more acutely aware, as I age, that I have less time in my own body and with the people that I love." 
So you can tell Sprinter is going to be a great album for care-free summertime fun! Give it a listen.

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