Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Verse: "Weather" - May Swenson

I hope they never get a rope on you, weather.
I hope they never put a bit in your mouth.
I hope they never pack your snorts
into an engine or make you wear wheels. 
I hope the astronauts will always have to wait
till you get off the prairie
because your kick is lethal,
your temper worse than the megaton 
I hope your harsh mane will grow forever,
and blow where it will,
that your slick hide will always shiver
and flick down your bright sweat. 
Reteach us terror, weather,
with your teeth on our ships,
your hoofs on our houses,
your tail swatting our planes down like flies. 
Before they make a grenade of our planet
I hope you'll come like a comet,
of mustang — fire-eyes, upreared belly —
bust the corral and stomp us to death.

- May Swenson                                                                               

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