Friday, January 22, 2016

January Mix: I am, only


Mix for a neu yær, nu ü

1. I Am Not A Robot - Marina & the Diamonds

2. More Than A Woman - Aaliyah

3. Water - Ra Ra Riot & Rostam

4. Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix) - Adele // Daft Punk

5. Yellow Eyes - Rayland Baxter

6. Kill V. Maim - Grimes

7. Nobody Dies - Thao And The Get Down Stay Down

8. Sleep to Dream - Fiona Apple

9. Dream Scream - Death Cab For Cutie

10. Part From Me - The Avett Brothers

11. Two Doves - Dirty Projectors

12. This Is Heaven To Me - Billie Holiday

13. Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie - Joanna Newsom

14. What Part Of Me - Low

15. i - Kendrick Lamar

16. The Sun Shines Down On Me - Daniel Johnston

Check out the Spotify mix here. Some songs missing.

1. An old favorite
2. Happy 37th birthday Angel
3. Also, new stuff by Rostam? Pretty good!
4. Sorry ya'll. The new Adele album is a major snoozefest. We all know it. Listen to this old mashup to remember the good times.
6. New video is cool cool cool. Also an excellent song to run too when it's too cold outside so you need to hurry up and get it over with. Also, this. Also listen to this stuff especially this cute story.
8. Fiona Apple is forever something else. Check out Marc Maron's great interview with her here.
10. They are playing an event up at Sundance on Thursday. Please bless I figure out a way to get in.
15. Check out the single version here.
16. I was practicing this song on the guitar last night, and could. not. get. through. without crying. Daniel Johnston is poet/prophet.

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