Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Music for your Midweek: Chris Cohen - "As If Apart"

Lounge Town

I went to Kilby Court to see Chris Cohen play last night, and it was a treat. Check it:

Informal poll: How do you feel about living the exact same life you did as a teen? I was talking to a new employee at my office, getting to know each other. She grew up in Salt Lake and we had some mutual friends. We talked about music and going to Kilby Court in highs school, and I realized it was a very "past" thing for her. Like she hasn't been back in 10 years and I'm thinking "hm, can I borrow mom's car to go to a show" JUST LIKE I DID 10 YEARS AGO WHAT IS ALL THIS?

Whatever. It was a nice time.

Artist's Way tells me I'm fine so I'M FINE.

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