Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Mix - "Here we go, here we go, here we go."

In case you didn't know, I like to listen to music. I also like to share music I like with other people. For some reason we do not have a CD burner for this computer, so all 14,000 of our songs remain entrapped in a digital domain. If you talk to Allison, she will tell you that I am very picky about the "best" way to listen and own music (live>records>cds>digitally) but I try to give make people cds whenever I can.

Because of my current situation, I decided to compromise, which in the end, will be better for all of us involved. Until I get a burner, you'll just have to put the cd's together yourself. I present my mix for the month of May, created in the atmosphere of May, to be listened to at any time of the year; but specifically those springy/summery times. A key is provided for your understanding.

I don't really know how to link mp3's onto here, so if someone would like to tell me, that would be great. Also, you will probably be able to find the majority of these songs on Hype Machine. If you are not addicted to this site, you will be. Enjoy.

1. Wavin' Flag (The Celebration Remix) - K'naan
2. As We Enter - Nas And Damian Marley
3. The Kids (ft. Janelle Monae) - B.O.B.
4. Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National
5. Velvet - The Big Pink
6. Jesus Etc. (Wilco cover) - Norah Jones
7. Cold Summer - Seabear
8. Tom Cruz - Plants And Animals
9. She Wolf (Shakira Cover) - Hot Chip
10. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
11. Don't Break My Heart - B.O.B
12. Month Of May - Arcade Fire
13. Whole Wide World - The Proclaimers
14. I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers
15. Poprocks And Coke - Green Day
16. All Over You - Live
17. Cello Song - The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez
18. The Perpetual Self, Or "What Would Saul Alinsky Do?" - Sufjan Stevens

So there you go!
Now a bit of an explanation:

1. 2 words. World Cup. First game is on the 11th. Are you ready?
2. Katie showed this one to me. Loved it right away. I hope people consider me "comfy and decent" like Nas and Damien Marley.
3. You can't even listen to the Vampire Weekend song anymore after that. This tops it. That Bobby is so clev.
4. Man oh man. You need to listen to this song loud. I love his voice. Love it. This album came out a couple weeks ago. Buy it.
5. Another one you have to listen to loud. They came to Salt Lake to do a show, and did a little dj set at Graywhale. A total of probably 10 people were in the store. Crazy. They were friendly and chatted with us a bit after. Kind of a weird duo if you look at a picture of them. I hope they felt welcome in SLC.
6. Love the original and this cover. "You were right about the stars, each one is a setting sun."
7. Because we had freaking SNOW in may. :)
8. They played at Kilby, but I missed it. :(
9. Good for a laugh. Especially the wolf howl.
10. Supposedly, this is the club hit of the summer...well...I don't know about that. But I like anything with a bit of Italian thrown in.
11. Another B.O.B. tune. I like him. I bet you he's a stand up guy, and he appreciates girls who pay their taxes.
12. Do not like this song. It reminds me too much of Billy Idol's "White Wedding". But finally we get some new stuff by arcade fire and it had the word "may" in the title.
13. <3 14. They are coming in September!!!! Are you going with me? Buy your tickets here.
15. cute
16. Doesn't matter what you say. The 90's are always in style.
17. This song sneaks up on you. In the first 10 seconds you're not to impressed, but it is a shape shifter.

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  1. i love this list. i'm listening to it (via grooveshark) at work.

    i love that you listen to seabear. they are icelandic and one of my favorites!