Monday, June 14, 2010

Things that enchant

I appreciate what the act of translation has done for my thought process. In Spanish, you don't say that you "love" something (the actual verb "to love" is left for only the closest of relationships). Instead you say that something enchants you. Example: "Me encanta tu manera de ser" literally translates to "Your way of being enchants me," but is understood as "I love the way you are". Beautiful, right? So here is a lengthy compilation of things that enchant me:

Remember this day? It was last Sunday I believe; close to sunset. Light like this doesn't happen often. This is the definition of enchanting. When I think of the phrase "witching hour," I think of this sky.

It was under this sky that we drove my dad to the airport. On the way back, the sky darkened as we listened to Willy Mason. His song "Simple Town" perfectly encapsulated the moody heavens, I think. Check him out on his myspace.

Another thing that enchants me is PERFUME.

This one is particularly delicious. I love it I love it I love it. I think it might even be THE ONE. You know, the perfume you wear everyday. The perfume that people identify you by. MY SIGNATURE SCENT. Well, at least for the summer. ha! You can try it out at the Apothica in Gateway. I stop by every time I'm there to steal a squirt! One day, it will be mine.

I also love everything perfume related. This article in the New York Times. Although my idea of perfume making has been tainted since I read the novel Perfume. Ew.

I would love to be a perfumer though. Especially since our garden is in full bloom now! I have to share what I have found in it with you.

These smell so lovely. I think my Tia Hortensia uses this kind when she makes her rose jam. mmmmmm.

My friend Tiana would call these colors yummy. I would agree with her.

I didn't know that we had peonies in our garden! What a pleasant surprise.

These roses smell like grapefruit. Really, they do!

Baby strawberry! Sorry little guy; one day, I will eat you.

Another thing I love. The farmers market. I found my Aunt Tami there on Saturday. She is "My Dough Girl" cookies. Try "Lily" if you get the chance. She is the lemon one. I also found Bramble there. Check'em out.

That's enough for now.


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