Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update Schmupdate

A packed two weeks, back in action. I don't know why I feel a need to report my comings and goings, but, here we are.

It has been a blur. First, Tommy Emmanuel at the AIS banquet, Kimberlee's wedding the next night, Gina Baccheur competition finals, and a killer Real game WITH fireworks. Who could ask for anything more.
Our family was a little sore after the Uruguay loss, to Holland, but it was a good game. I went to the Peru festival with Hermana Holmes and ate CEVICHE and drank CHICHA MORADA, and they even had a Bolivian booth with SALTENAS! mmhmm. My parents went out of town to visit Jeremy, and I stayed to see the Maynes at their homecoming. It is weird to see the Elders and Hermanas again. It feels like they are out of context. But I was so happy to see presidente and hermana Maynes and hear news from Bolivia. I posted a few of the pics on my facebook if you want to take a peek.
Enjoy the sun.

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