Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Accident

Maybe they weren't accidents. Blessings more like it. With less than a week before school starting up, I accomplished the following:

- Drove from Virginny to Utah
- Unpacked and organized all my things
- Found an inexpensive condo with a Fall/Winter contract a block away from campus
- Interviewed for a job
- Went to doctor's appointments
- Had my car fixed up (a long and nerve-wracking ordeal)
- Got my hair did
- Checked out great music from the library (Here We Go Magic, Japandroids, Yact, and Patrick Park, to name a few)
- Reunited with all those that I've missed over the summer while I've been back east.
- Repacked and organized all my things
- Drove to Provo

Most of my fears were put to rest. I couldn't believe that things could be better, but then...

- I went to my classes, and just got so excited listening to my enthusiastic professors and seeing all the cool things we are going to read (El Quixote! Borges! Isabel Allende! woohoo!).
- Got permission to add 2 more credits (semester now totaling 20 credit hours) so that I don't have to do an independent study and I will be fully done in December.
- Actually moved into my more than adequate apartment (we have a fireplace AND a balcony? yes.).
- Met my room mates who are perfect (so far :). One competes in triathlons, went on her mission to Norway, AND is an English grad student! She was pleased when she saw my Nancy Drew cookbook. The other is on the track team, super friendly and outgoing, AND she is half cuban half mexican so she can help me with spanish!
- Found out that I have a job!
- Wrangled a spot in the History of Christianity class that is ALWAYS full.
- Found out I have another job!
- Reunited with people I haven't seen in a long time.
- Met up with T and Allison. I've missed those girls.
- Got the new schedule for International Cinema. Boys and girls, it is going to be awesome. 

There were tons of mini miracles too. It reminded me of when I was on my mission.
But I know these blessings come with a responsibility. I'm going to have to be extra studious to handle my heavy course load. I'm sure there will come a time in a couple months where I wallow in self-pity due to lack of sleep and too many late-night Spanish cram sessions. I shouldn't even be typing this right now, I have NO time. But for now, I will be happy that it is all working out.

Don't you love it when things unexpectedly fall into place?

P.S. You should check out the rest of Matt Stuart's photos. 
They are so witty.


  1. duh. i love your blog and it is my favorite.

    the ic schede is incred. course i'm missing it. BOOOOO!!

  2. wait wait...20 credits AND 2 jobs!? Well, you can do anything, just make sure you have time for those International Cinemas films!! PS, Im SOOOO angry at myself for not seeing you in VA :( And we seriously need to catch up on the phone...I have boy news...

  3. catching up on blogs... realizing that i miss you loads! gretch, how can we see each other more?

  4. Um, how am I just reading this now?! Linds, I need to hear your news even if the newness of it has worn off. Call me.