Monday, September 3, 2012

A day off for us laborers and some catch up.

Sorry I've been absent
My new place doesn't have internet, and won't have for another week or so.

So here's what' been going down the last couple weeks:
  • Jumped from house to house between friends and family (thank you guys!)
  • Saw some plays (I need to make this a regular thing)
  • Moved into my new place (first time in a real house!)
  • Incorporated more hikes into my day-to-day life
  • Thought I had an infestation of fleas (grossgrossgross)
  • Celebrated my aunt's birthday with tea at the Grand America (wore a scarf for the occasion)
  • Car got in a accident (I was not actually in my car at the time)
  • Made it half way through the 2nd season of avatar (cruin' through folks)
  • Gave up on reading The Blind Assasin (I don't know what it is guys, I can't focus anymore)
  • Visited the Spiral Jetty (Finally!)
  • Celebrated tia Cota and Robert's 50th wedding anniversary

So, there ya go!
And here's some dancy stuff because I've missed you so much:

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