Friday, May 24, 2013

May Mix: "This is a good song to dance to"

Here's a mix here's a mix HERE'S A MIIIIIX
It's for may it's for may IT'S FOR MAAAY

1. Needle - Born Ruffians
2. Overdose (Twice As Nice Remix) - Little Daylight
3. Weight - Mikal Cronin
4. Luminous Blue - Last Lynx
5. Young Adult Friction - Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
7. Put a Light On - Generationals
9. Marathon Runner - Yellow Ostrich
10. Heart Attack (Ravi Remix) - Demi Lovato
11. Paris - Magic Man
12. Domestic Scene - The Radio Dept.
13. Yamaha - Delta Spirit
14. Is Love Forever? - Spoon
15. Chances - The Strokes
16. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric

1. When you share this song with your friends, they will say, without fail "Is this Fleet Foxes?" Turn it into a social experiment. Everyone will say the same thing.
8. I remember discovering mashups and bootlegs and my MIND. WAS. BLOWN. That way back, right before Boulevard of Broken Songs was making the rounds online. My dad tried buying me a cd of Party Ben songs, but I think it was a scam or something.
10. bestpopsongontheradiorightnow. It's impossible not to sing along.
13. Fine fine I found this song after by watching Warm Bodies. Fine fine it's one of my favorite new movies.
15. I'm always up for falsetto.
16. One of the greatest love songs ever.

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