Friday, May 3, 2013

Start Summer Now

Summer is now. I deem it to be so.

It's my last official day as an AmeriCorps VISTA with the South Franklin Community Center (!), but it doesn't feel like it since I'm starting as a VISTA Leader here in the United Way office in a couple weeks. On Tuesday, I'll fly out to Dallas for training, fly back to Salt Lake on Friday, and then head out to San Francisco for the rest of the weekend. phewf. As for this weekend, there's the rooftop concert, a Real Salt Lake Game, and Cinco de Mayo. Oh and tomorrow is Star Wars day. I'm hoping to channel Leia a la 30 Rock.

Summah summah summah time. amiright?

The following can be your soundtracks for the weekend.

The new Iron and Wine album is on point. It's funky. Who'd a thunk?

Here's another great one, and I came about it in a weird way. My best friend from high school  Ingrid, is part Norwegian. Some of her family friends came to visit the summer before our junior year, and brought a ton of cds with Brazilian music. I guess it was trendy there at the time? You can hear it's influence in music from Kings of Convenience. Anyways this collection is one of my FAVES. It was curated by David Byrne, so you know it's gotta be hot. I love love love it. 

My brother found this album on vinyl. IT IS SO GREAT!!!

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