Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Music for your Midweek: Ash, Oasis, Blur, and Travis

Let's pretend we're 15 again, shall we? I've been listening to a lot of britpop. Suffering a case of nostalgia I guess. Two summers ago, I was way into this song, and I've been listening to it on repeat a lot lately. Check it out.

"...and on nights when the north wind blows through your heart,
dream of a new age..."

A classic Oasis track. I listened to the fall of my sophomore year of college for some reason. 

This song is almost 20 years old.. can you believe it?!?

Here's a new-ish song by Blur.

I love the Beatles vibe through the whole thing.

And finally Travis.
I loved loved loved these boys in highschool. They were the soundtrack to my travels to and from Wendover on the weekends. I would just lie on the floor of my room listening to them for hours. I included this track on mix I made for my mom in 2006. I love those old mixes, they're like time machines. Anyway, I grabbed that old cd on a whim when I was leaving Salt Lake Sunday night. Those lyrics. They mean much more now. Give it a listen:

it's Harry Potter's birthday!
All things British, I just can't escape it.

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