Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Music for your Midweek: "For Today I Am A Boy" - Antony Hegarty and Franco Battiato

You are not really an adult until you hit certain milestones, and apparently my generation is not measuring up. I know many of us don't feel settled, or at least feel the pressure of not accomplishing what's expected of us. This contrast is especially felt in the LDS church, where even church services are kept separate between young, unmarried members and the "general" family population. Until we are married, we cannot meet our full potential. We are children.

Antony Hegarty has the tenderest of souls, and this is one of his most tender songs. It somehow manages to make me feel hopeful and sad all at once. Not sure Anthony would agree with the way I've applied his lyrics to my life, but I think he would be sympathetic.

Listen. It's beautiful.

That particular track comes from a album/performance with Franco Battiato. Watch them perform "You Are My Sister" together below:

And a devastating version of "Crazy In Love":

P.S. This album would make a great Christmas present...

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