Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Verse: "Regarding a door" - David Antin


regarding a door
its open and shut
but it is less open and shut than a wall
a wall is something to lean on
and its unwise to lean on a door
regarding a door
you can take it in hand
turning the knob of a door you can open it and step through
then its no longer a door
now in the case of a wall its a wall wherever you are
which is evident and consoling
with a wall you always know where you are
while a door is only a door from the outside
there is also something substantial about walls
maybe its the materials from which theyre made
the bricks and the plaster
but more likely is the absence of hinges
the hinges in doors are like hidden conditions
upon which everything turns
theyre like the small print in contracts
a door depends on its hinges
but it also depends on a wall
there is nothing unusual about a wall without doors
a door without walls is ridiculous
also a door is always suggesting another side
so doors seem ambiguous and appear to be forever changing its mind
but regarding from whatever angle
it is always offering you the same proposition
there are many unanswered questins about doors
why is is that there arent circular or eliptical doors
what is it thats frightening about sliding doors
and what about the colors of doors
green doors in brick walls
white doors in black walls
and black doors in white walls
this will lead you to suspect that I am talking about symbols
rather than about doors and walls
whats all this talk about doors and walls anyway
why not talk about something real
like strainers

                                                                 - David Antin

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