Friday, February 19, 2016

February Mix: Time moves both ways

Got your little Pick 'n' Mix for ya right here. They're all medicine flavored:

1. My Life Is Starting Over Again - Daniel Johnston

2. Hey Lover - Blake Mills

3. Down By The Water - The Drums

4. Complexion (A Zulu Love) - Kendrick Lamar

5. So Real - Jeff Buckley

6. Time, As A Symptom - Joanna Newsom

7. The Anchor Song - Björk

8. Affection - Cigarettes After Sex

9. Secrets Of The Stars - The Milk Carton Kids

10. Looking Out For You - Joy Again

11. Bros - Wolf Alice

12. Rider Of Days - Patty Griffin

1. Yes Daniel Johnston. Let's go.
3. I can't get over these guys. Watch this video that's kind of a big deal.
4. "If you don't see you beautiful in your complexion / It ain't complex to put it in context / Find the air beneath the kite / that's the context" Check out this great interview with Rhapsody who did a guest verse on "Complexion".
5. Breaking my heart a million times over.
6. She's coming to Salt Lake! Can't wait to see her.
9. They are also coming to Salt Lake! Sold out. But if you find a spare ticket you want to gift me, I wouldn't mind.
10. This week's cuties
12. Excited for his album. Hoping to take it out on a walk soon.

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