Wednesday, February 10, 2016

To dust you shall return

     This year's Lent snuck up on me. I like to live by these old traditions, if only to give my life some structure when I feel a bit unsteady. The ash crosses that people receive on their foreheads is supposed to remind them of their own mortality. Grim, but important, I guess. Near tragic when you see babies with their heads marked. I did a bit a bit of searching this morning, and found these to be a goo primer. Also, this lovely editorial on Lent. A thought from it here:

Wisdom comes from the bare places because they force humility upon us. In these Lenten places, where life thrives on almost nothing, we can see clearly how large a shadow modern life and consumption cast upon the earth... learn the value of abstention and... consider how to let the bare places flourish, or even simply to exist. 

     From Arthur Brooks talks about practicing Lent as "rebellion for grownups". Writing in the New York Times, he says "[lent is] a personal declaration of independence. The objective is not to cause yourself damage, but to accept the pain and fear that are a natural part of life". Right up my alley. I'm big on remembering my own mortality.

      I considered giving up meat, but thought it would be too easy. Seconds later, I walked into the office break room where there were leftover sandwiches up for grabs. I hate passing up a free thing. I let myself have that sandwich, but I'm giving up meat for the next 46 days. It really is going to be hard because it means
1) Passing up on free food that has meat
2) No more three-pointer specials at Jazz Games
3) No cheeseburgers which is mostly my favorite food (S/O to Wendy's Cheeseburger Deluxe. It's only $1.29 you guys)
     And I just remembered I'm going to tea on friday (no ham crossoints) and lunch on Saturday (no cafe rio pork salad or New York H from Hires). So I guess this year's Lent option is an acceptable sacrifice. Maybe next year I'll try for the real deal.

Revisiting this album as a Lent soundtrack.
What does it matter?
We're all gonna die.

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