Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Verse: "Beyond Recall" - Sharon Bryan

Nothing matters
to the dead,
that's what's so hard 
for the rest of us
to take in–
their complete indifference 
to our enticements,
our attempts to get in touch–
they aren't observing us 
from a discreet distance,
they aren't listening
to a word we say– 
you know that
but you don't believe it,
even deep in a cave 
you don't believe
in total darkness,
you keep waiting 
for your eyes to adjust
and reveal your hand
in front of your face– 
so how long a silence
will it take to convince us
that we're the ones 
who no longer exist,
 as far as X is concerned
and Y, that they're forgotten 
every little thing
they knew about us,
what we told them 
and what we didn't
have to, even our names
mean nothing to them 
now–our throats ache
with all we might have said
the next time we saw them.

                                  - Sharon Bryan

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