Thursday, August 5, 2010

move - l'art du déplacement

In honor of the upcoming release of "Step Up 3D" tomorrow, we have a movement themed entry. Despite the fact that I have no formal dance training and I am extremely bashful, I think to be a dancer would be the most completely perfect job in the world. Really. It is a miniature obsession of mine.

Hermana. Holmes assured me this is normal, and even showed me "how-to" videos online. She said these were THE moves while I was on my mission:

Isn't little Price Twice the cutest thing?

This is difficult.

A few months ago I had my mom record "Dance in America : NY Export : Opus Jazz" (isn't that a lot of colons?) which is part of the PBS Great Performances series. The ballet was choreographed by Jerome Robbins (West Side Story), and originally performed in 1958 with the dancers wearing tennis shoes. It is neat.

Watch the full episode. See more Great Performances.

As a film alone, it is beautiful. You can stream the whole thing online, so if you get the chance to watch it, you should. This dance was supposed to encapsulate the attitudes of youth in the 1950's. What would a dance symbolizing our generation look like?

The NYT talked about dancing this week too.

Hulu also wanted to celebrate the release of Step Up 3d, so they put together an internet series.It's called "The LXD" and I think it's kind of about this top secret organization that gathers up people to fight a mysterious masked man. And guess what LXD stands for. Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Yep. Before you start laughing, just watch this. I present Chapter 3, ROBOT LOVE STORY:


Ok, maybe you're still laughing after watching that. But I like it! The music kind of reminds me at times of that short in Paris, Je'Taime with Elijah Wood that is supposed to be kind of darkly funny but actually just creeped me out. The spell check just told me "creep" is not a verb...what?

So there you have it. I'll start learning those dance moves as soon as I perfect my parkour skills. ha.

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  1. great. now i have to tell everyone about your blog (running for ugliest word 2010). and di (bjork, wilco, the beatles cds for $2!). and that i just spent a half hour catching up on your charming hilarity. pardon the exhibitionism, but i have a blog too...big surprise. generation Y aren't you looking at me? but yours...ah, yours is a little diamond in the generally egotistical rough. witty class.