Thursday, September 23, 2010


This semester, I'm so wrapped up in school, it's making me heart sick. I love all my classes, I just wish they weren't so pertinent to real life. In Spanish lit we're questioning reality with Borges (i.e. the main inspiration for the movie Inception). In contemporary anthropological theory, we're reading Focault. Thus everything is an institution and we are all docile bodies; trained and oblivious. In my mind, I pronounce his name like a curse word phrase because that is how I feel about the world after reading his writings. In preparing for my field-study, I have had to delve into some of the immigrant debate; which has so many side-issues and ethics problems it makes your head spin. I do not have the stomach for political talk and angry opinions. It makes me ill. And then onto Medical Anthropology. Basically just makes you question everything ever, and I just love it. You would think New Testament would be a respite, right? No. The gospel, though providing peace and comfort, is not a respite. It lights a fire under us. It inspires us to action. Too many loves, too little time. Thanks goodness for the hour commute each day. I trade off between books on tape and music, which brings me to...

I am saved from nerdacity (nerdness+audacity) by N.E.R.D.

They are stunnas. Now, just you wait a minute. You may be saying to yourself, "Gretchen, why do you think a band that has a song called 'lapdance' are geniuses?" You've got to read between the lines my friends. To be honest, I skip maybe a third of their songs in the two albums that I have; but what is left is golden. I especially love this from Fly or Die:

"Hold it now." ... makes me melt everytime.

also check out "Fly or Die", "Jump", "Breakout" and "Drill Sergeant". I have the album edited, so I'm sure you'll be able to find it as well. Their third album came out during my mission, so I haven't heard it yet.

And now to end things, my other favorite nerds:

P.S. If anyone wants to have a Freaks and Geeks marathon, I will always be down.

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