Monday, November 29, 2010

A perfect end.

Thank you Thanksgiving.
You were just what I needed.

Everyone came to our house for Thanksgiving. Billie Ann was the main chef, so no one should be surprised that we had falafel as an appetizer, oyster stuffing, and curried cranberry sauce.

Saturday was my cousin Emilie's bridal shower. I officially have my plane tickets so I can go to her wedding at the end for December.

Sunday night, my room mates and I had Thanksgiving Part II with all of our leftovers.

This is what Aspen Grove looks like right now:

Can you believe I live here? Neither can I.

I was listening to Prairie Home Companion on the way home from church on Sunday, and Punch Brothers were the guest artist. You know when you hear the first notes of a certain song, and you think, "THIS IS IT"? It happened to me when I watched "Once" and heard "Falling Slowly". It doesn't happen that often. Well, this is one of those songs.

The drive home was a perfect end to the short break.

"Back to school, and I hate it there.
Everything I want, I gotta wait a year."

I relate to you Kanye. I'm glad your lyrics mimic my emotions. And congrats on releasing an album that everyone says is the greatest thing ever. And I sure am grateful that you provided an alternate album cover. I'll take the ballerina, thanks.

Actually, I don't hate school. But I still feel like my life won't start until school stops. It doesn't help that I'm thinking of changing my major... yep.

two more weeks,
two more weeks,
two more weeks,
of classes.

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