Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tell me something good!

A member of Jonsi's band put up a new tour post on his website today. First paragraph:

“sorry to the rest of the world, but seoul, s korea just came from nowhere to take top spot in best audience ever stakes. we thought ferrara was good, with its coordinated confetti and hand-held flares back in the summer, and salt lake city knocked our socks off when we were expecting, well, i don’t know we were expecting, but certainly not thinly-veiled hysteria. and now seoul. who’d a thunk it?”

You hear that?! We knocked their socks off! And we were hysteria! I like it. If I'm going to be outdone by anyone, I guess South Korea is ok. I view their country as friendly.

I spent a night in South Korea. I was by myself, on the way to Nepal. My my flight left the next morning, so I went to a tourist desk and asked for a place to stay. They found one for me, and it had a shuttle, perfect. I think I paid for it right at the desk, around $30.

It was so foggy outside, you couldn't see anything. So I don't really know what South Korea looks like.
The place I stayed at seemed to be an old apartment building that was converted into a cheap hotel. It felt like I was in a Japanese horror movie. The hallways were lit by a weird fluorescent blue light. But when I went into my little room, the light was cheery. I slept well.

The South Korean airport is awesome. It looks like this:

And the Korean Air flight was one of the nicest I've ever experienced:

Fancy, huh?

But then I got off plane in Kathmandu, Nepal. The six weeks I spent there brought me back to earth pretty quick. When I boarded Korean Air again, I felt especially out of place in my hippie skirt, chacos, and messily braided hair. But I digress.

So that's about all I know about South Korea. You can read more about how kind the Korean Jonsi audience was here.

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