Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Mix #2: Mellow Songs to Help You Feel Chill

After reviewing this mix, I found that it was more melancholy then mellow. That was unintentional. Here it is!

Mix #2: Mellow Songs to Help You Feel Chill

1. Winter Song - The Head And The Heart
2. Roses - Harlowe and The Great North Woods
3. Buffalo - Mountain Man
4. If I Had A Boat - James McMorrow
5. To Know You Is to Love You - Syreeta
6. I Want The World To Stop - Belle & Sebastian
7. When I Grow Up (Fever Ray cover) - First Aid Kit
8. Enchanting Ghost - Sufjan Stevens
9. Your Song - Ellie Goulding
10. À ton étoile (Yann Tiersen mix) - Noir Désir
11. On The Nature Of Daylight - Max Richter
12. This Is The Song [Good Luck] - Punch Brothers
13. California Sunrise - Dirty Gold 

3. You may know Mountain Man because they opened for Jonsi
5. Stevie Wonder also sings on this song
6. Belle & Sebastian have been around FOR-EV-ER
7. The real version of this, is creepy
10. This is what it says, supposedly:
Right under the light
and silent in the shadow
If you're looking for an unreachable shelter
Know that it isn't far, and that we shine there.

To your star

Little sister of my nights
I've been missing all this
When you saved face
For many others than me
Know that I don't forget anything, but that we erase

To your star

Always at the horizon
of the setting suns
as we don't have the choice, we still have the heart
You can spit, even laugh, and you owe it

To your star

To Marcos, to joy
To the beauty of dreams
To melancholy
To the hope that keeps us together
To the health of the fire and the flame

To your star
I don't know if this is really what it says. Maybe one of you out that could verify that for me? Regardless, it is bewitching, isn't it?

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