Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Walk

Done and done!

I'm relieved.
Can you tell?

All i have left is a New Testament final. I'm sure it will be a piece of celestial cake.

I took a walk up the closed part of the canyon last week. It was nice. And it belongs only to me until the snow melts and they open it up again in May. I guess I'll share these pictures with you though.

"Mount Krumpet"

There's Sundance!

trying not to fall down the hill...

Jana is more lady-like

if you hold still enough, you might blend in


I can't believe Jana is leaving!!!

and Josie!!!

and Janell!!!

haha. I know this isn't my room mate, but I didn't have a picture with her! Plus, for halloween, Janell dressed up as a zebra and did her hair kind of like this, so she kinda looked a little bit like Janelle Monae.

I'm going to miss you girls. I don't know what I'll do without the "J"- team.

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