Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It looks likes this outside:

There is a lot of Snow.

"hmm. maybe we could jump off this? no? Well what about this?"

This is the way you think when you are surrounded by Snow have your choice of balconies, ledges, porches basketball hoops, and fences from which you can leap.

One of the perks of having Snow everywhere is that it makes you invincible. Crash anywhere, and there is a fluffy cushion to save you from injury.

Unless you are in a car.

Or that unassuming pile of Snow is actually hiding boulders of ice.

As a consequence of this snowy life, I have become snuffly. So I have been humming alot.

My life is dictated by the SNOW SNOW SNOW. Snow decides if I go to class. Snow decides if I go to church. Snow decides what time I wake up. Snow decides what time I go to bed.
All over the place. I spent 8 hours shoveling it Monday, 6 hours today, and many more countless hours of it till the spring. It is omnipresent.

But instead of becoming an enemy, I consider Snow a dear friend.

P.S. It's almost Christmas!

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