Friday, July 6, 2012

July Mix: Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah

I should be giving you an update on my 4th of July, but I'm going to give you some music instead.

Spotify has really been messing with the way I listen to music. It's been harder to put mixes together like I used to. Hope you don't mind. As a consequence, I have all of the Spotify commercials memorized by now. Question: Do any of you hear "Golden PEE Ice Tea" when they talk about "Golden PEAK Ice Tea"? That was an unfortunate branding decision if there ever was one.

Here's some stuff you can listen to.

1. Countdown (BeyoncĂ© cover) - Sondre Lerche
2. Follow The Sun - Xavier Rudd
3. Let's Go - Matt & Kim
4. Born To - Jesca Hoop
5. B - Pinback
6. Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) - Silversun Pickups
7. Awake - Electric Guest
8. 1904 - The Tallest Man On Earth
9. The A Team - Ed Sheeran
10. Body Of Work - The Mynabirds
11. Paralyzed - Oddisee
12. Easy (DJP's Old School Edit) - Cro
13. Dance For You - Dirty Projectors
14. Something Good - Alt-J
15. America the Beautiful - Ray Charles

We're going to try something new, folks. I made a Spotify playlist of this mix (and of my other past mixes). For some reason, it only shows you three of the tracks, but if you log in and subscribe, it should give you the whole thing? I don't know, this is all new to me!

1. What the... brilliant. I don't know why, but the way he says "boo"  really cracks me up.
4. This is a great song to go running to. Actually, this whole mix is pretty run-able.
6. A radio song. If you want another great Silversun Pickups track, listen to this.
9. Another radio favorite.
11. I think he is also sampling "I say a little prayer". Right?
12. This is what you find when you check out the top Spotify tracks in Germany. I like it.

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