Friday, December 14, 2012

Kid Krismas

Everyone has memories of the movies they'd watch or the music they'd listen to during Christmas time. I did some searching on YouTube for some shows that we used to watch when we were little. We would record them off of the TV onto VHS, and watch them over and over. Some of those shows maintained their charm while others... not so much. 

We would watch this ALL the time. I don't have the same stamina now as I had then. Do you remember this part? 

2. "Garfield Christmas Special"
After the Claymation one, we watched the Garfield Christmas Special. For some reason, we used to think that 16:15-17:00 was reeeeeeeaaally funny. I have no idea why.

3. "Disney Christmas Sing-a-long: Twelve Days of Christmas"
Oh man. This video has some great songs on it. Here is part 1, part 2part 3, and part 4.

4. "Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger Christmas: Alpha's Magical Christmas"
So bad it' It's just really, really bad. Please, just watch the first 5 minutes, and you will know what I mean.

5. "Mickey's Christmas Carol"
Disney has since blocked the video. Try to find it if you can! So charming.

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