Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Mix: Our Last Summer

Here we go. Right on time.

1. Heaven's On Fire - The Radio Dept.
2. Shell Suite - Chad Valley
3. Fallin' Love (Alex Young Remix) - BenZel
4. Since U Been Gone - Tokyo Police Club
5. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly - Weezer
6. Melody Day - Caribou
7. Sweetness - Pearl and the Beard
8. Don't Just Sit There - Lucius
9. Reckoner - Pablo Nouvelle
10. Continuum - Lemaitre
11. Young and Beautiful (Madeaux Remix) - Lana Del Rey
12. Within - Daft Punk
13. Stayin Alive - Capital Cities
14. Karma Police (Radiohead cover) - Brassroots
15. Awkward - San Cisco
16. Ya Hey - Vampire Weekend
17. Somewhere - Sanders Bohlke

1. What are the youth to do? We ain't kids anymore.
2. yeah yeah I know.
4. I live with 5 girls, so there's a lot of falling in love and breaking up around here. This is for them.
5. Golden days. Makes me so nostalgic, I feel ill.
8. Thanks for this Ingrid!
9. I've been on a Radiohead kick lately, so the next few mixes are going to have a bunch of covers of their songs. Hope you don't mind!
11. I think the music was the best part of the Gatsby movie. And the rain scene. And this gif. But I could have done without the rest.
16. Everyone thinks this song is about God, but it's really just about Mitt Romney.

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