Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vampire Weekend Concert Recap: "Who could ever live that way?"

Oh boy I've been such a negligent blogger, I hope you can forgive me.

A few weeks ago, I went to Vampire Weekend! I hadn't planned on going; Red Butte concert tickets are a little steep for me. Then my mom texted me and said she bought tickets!!!!!!

so that she and dad could go.


But then my dad ended up heading out of town, and I got to take his place. Lucky lucky me! I saw Vampire Weekend play at Kilby before I left on my mission, and instantly fell in love. I remember there was an Iron and Wine show at Saltair that most of my friends had gone to and a big punk show at In the Venue. That combined with the crazy storm made for a tiny turnout for Vampire Weekend*. But it was super fun for us. When I got back from my mission, they were crazy big with movie stars in their music videos and sold out shows. I was glad I had a chance to see them again.

I'll just mostly be showing you some pics cause I'm tired and it was so long ago, I hardly remember what happened? Oh. I used my mom's binoculars to take most of these pics. I think they turned out pretty cool.
We had fancy treats that we brought from home. 

Rich people.

You got plenty of space when you pay a lot of dollars for a ticket. This ain't no Twilight Concert.
 First were the High Highs:



Percussion, but not really part of the band, I don't think?
They were nice and mostly boring.

I painted my nails while I watched (sorry not sorry)

But then they played that track that's in the Pitch Perfect movie and I was pleased.

Isn't it nice?

And here are a bunch of photos from Vampire Weekend and stuff.

They had the WORST intro music. Come on, guys:

And here's the crowd. So weird and normal. and you can see my mom using binoculars:

I really really like Vampire Weekend. They remind me about everything that's good about summer and school. They make me itch to break out of office life.

Ya Hey! My favorite new song of theirs. So my first Red Butte concert was lovely. I'm going to try and catch some others from the hills behind. I think it will be worth it.

*Between sets we left to find an ATM at the gas station. The snow was so horrible, we were slipping and sliding everywhere. A bunch of kids from the hardcore show walked into the gas station, and it was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Their mascara was running, denim jackets all soggy, and there 12 inch mohawks were sopping and deflated

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