Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Bay

Another super short post that should be super looooong. Again, I'm lazy.

You can listen to this song while you read this post. Mood music, you know?

ANYWAYZ the trip was a whirlwind. go go go the whole time. I loved it.

Saturday morning I flew in, Katie picked me up and we chatted as we drove along the prettiest highway in the world, heading to Palo Alto. She dropped me off at a baptism where I met Ingrid, so happy to see her again. Post-baptism we went to lunch, then to Katie's where I helped her make dessert and salad for a temple trip. Then we met up at a different church to carpool to the temple in Oakland. Searched for the distribution center, finally found it, then did went to the temple for sealings. Picked up pizza for the after-temple get-together. Ate, packed up, drove back to Palo Alto. Met Ingrid at Stanford to watch the Law School Musical. Passed out on the comfiest couch in the world FOR REALS.

Sunday we got up early to meet other 3L students to head off to Sonoma. More pretty drives and getting lost till we got to the winery. Took a lovely tour and sampled olive oil (no wine for us), then went into town for lunch. Drove back, and bummed around campus and ran into an old high school friends's brother which prompted a phone call to New York (Hi Hanna!). Then left to meet up with everyone for dinner with the missionaries at the park. Played some frisbee. Realized I am in desperate need of practice and vowed to buy a frisbee as soon as I got home. Went back to Ingrid's for packing and quick sleep.

Monday! Ingrid dropped me off at the Google campus where I got a great tour from a family friend. Honestly guys. I chose the wrong career in life. Coolest place to work (and you get all the free kale blueberry chia smoothies your heart desires! Heaven!). Katie picke me up, and we drove into the City. Finally! San Francisco! I'd never been before. Here are some pics:

We took 50 million steps to get to the tower. The plants made it shady and bearable.

Taking a breather.

On our way to Chinatown.

Part of an adopted alley with great art.

Katie just fits in here. Look at the color coordination!

Just a building I liked and know nothing about.

BOBA TEA! It's been toooo long.

Fortune Cookie Factory. Did you know they were invented in San Francisco?

Riding the trolley. I LOVED IT I AM 5 YEARS OLD.

Katie rides like a pro.

I whip my hair back and forth.

I ate so much good food that trip and saw so many lovely things. Katie and Ingrid were the most gracious hosts. It was great all around, I didn't want to go home. AND it forced me to seriously consider California for grad school. What do you ya'll think about UC Berkeley... it could happen!

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