Friday, August 9, 2013

August Mix: Surrender

Here we go Here we go Here we go. Here's a mix for your moody muggy months. And a new format for you! Hope you like Spotify. If the song isn't available on Spotify, I've included a link to Youtube. Enjoy.

1. Ignition (1901 Remix) - R. Kelly vs Phoenix)

2. Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers

3. Royals - Lorde

4. Oceans - Crywolf & Ianborg

5. Getting Even - White Lies

6. Slow Hands (Interpol cover) - Zee Avi

7. Dreams of Cannibalism - Typhoon

8. That Awful Sound - Jackson Scott

9. Your Past Life as a Blast - Okkervil River

10. A tout a l'heure - Bibio

11. A New Error - Moderat

12. Try To Explain - The Flaming Lips

13. Tornado (Acoustic - Go Quiet) - J√≥nsi

14. Wait - Airhead

15. I Didn't See It Coming - Belle & Sebastian

16. Man on Fire (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros) - Little Daylight

1. Brilliant
2. Good luck finding the Modern Lover's music. They are too good. I have such a crush on Jonathan Richman.
3. Thanks to Katie for this gem.
6. Trying to learn this on on the guitar. It's easy but MY POOR FINGERS I'm a wuss.
8. This guy's coming to Kilby in September. What a charming (just kidding) kid. My high-school heart would have been head-over-heels for this punk.
11. Um, I always forget this, but the most important podcast to listen to is All Songs Considered. I've found a lot of great stuff through that program, and I have no idea why I don't listen to it more often.
12. This song at Twilight killed me.
15. This song at Twilight made me dance.
16. Been listening to a lot of Alexander's stuff lately. He's great great great.

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