Thursday, August 29, 2013

"That's why you've got to be brave, brave, brave"

My first semester of college, I enrolled in an honors English class. It was the first of many classes at BYU where I felt out of place. One of our first assignments was to bring a favorite song to class to analyze. We teamed up in pairs to explain why we chose our songs, examine their message, and read over the lyrics. I chose Nick Drake's "Parasite". My partner chose "Popular", from Wicked.

That experience alone was enough to justify years of a self-righteous attitude when it came to judging my fellow BYU students. I was different. I just didn't think they got it. *Note: "Popular" is a great song, and probably has more in common with "Parasite" then I was giving the kid credit for. I was just a bit smug during most of my college days. I hope I've grown up since then.

But when I watched this video that my friend Ingrid posted, it brought me right back to the same BYU English class. This time, we had to take a "controversial" topic and pick sides. I picked capital punishment, on the staunchly "anti" side. My partner sat across from me, leaned over and said, "I am going to TEAR YOU APART." I stumbled through my argument, feeling intimidated. I just wish I had this video back then. It articulates things so clearly.

So here's a little soapbox moment for you. I hope you don't mind. Even more than that, I hope it starts a conversation, if not with me, than with your family and friends.

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