Monday, August 19, 2013

Week Recap: My life according to my phone

Maybe this will become a thing... Maybe it won't... I'm still getting used to this blogging on the phone thing!

Some fave things in my old room

From my dad

We did The Marshmallow Challenge for work training!

Roommates on the roof

Free stuff from the home teachers 

Classy framed photos in our place.

Trying to get my financial rear in gear. Beans and rice, people. Beans and rice.

And that's it! I need to take more pictures during the week. My life is MUCH more interesting than this haha


  1. Go Dave Ramsey! We're trying to follow his plan too. Saving money is haaaaaaaaaard.

    1. I know! I gotta get my act together. One of the girls at work is lending me his stuff. She was like,'How far are you on Baby Step 1?' I'm like, 'I think I have $10 in savings... only $990 to go!' haha