Monday, March 24, 2014

Recap Attack: Double bread, Double chins

My last Recap Attack was way back in December, so I have some catching up to do. I thought I had taken a bunch of great pics, but most of them are embarrassing snap chats, like this:

 You see? I don't get it, I keep trying to convince all my friends to get snap chat, but they are so resistant. Why? It is the best. It will change your life.

So anyway, here's a little sampling of what I've been up to the past few months:

visited the byu sacred gifts exhibit to commemorate my dad's birthday. it was beautiful. 

went on a winter walk with Ingrid when she was in town. can you believe this is just minutes from my house? i live in the best place, so spoiled. 

our family received one of the biggest loaves of bread I've ever seen for christmas. giant sized.

yet another reason why you should get snap chat. i'll send you photos like this on the regular.

i'd say this picture speaks for itself...

roommate fun... with glowing baby dino

turning 27 means forcing all your friends to wear pig tails at your spice girls themed birthday party.

broke my phone screen on my birthday...

went to the temple with Laura for her first time. it was lovely.

one of the hidden gems in our old, quirky house.

what my life looks like these days

i've been going on a lot of walks with my dear brother christian

i love seeing succulents in landscaping

salt lake sunset on 18th ave

new life motto

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