Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Music for your Midweek: Miguel and Wale - "Bennie and the Jets"

Super super great cover from Miguel and Wale of Elton John's Bennie and the Jets. We like Elton John in my family, both old and new incarnations. His album, "Songs from the West Coast", reminds me of driving back and forth from Wendover. Guys, JT was in one of his music videos from that album. This is before we knew that Justin Timberlake was legit. And his music video for "I Want Love" has Robert Downey Jr. in his first acting role after being in rehab, eventually kicking off the slow climb to one of the best comebacks in Hollywood history?

Legendary stuff. No joke.

Anyway, the more I hear stuff from Miguel, the more I think he's alright. I like the sound of this cover:

Don't know why there's an ad for sneakers the whole time... whatevs.

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