Friday, April 18, 2014

April Mix: We All Shine On

Your mix for the month, dear friends. I move from Provo in a couple weeks, so I believe this mix declares it the end of an era. Onwards and upwards!

1. Happy (Woodkid Sad remix) - Pharrell

2. Flickers (Zeds Dead Remix) - Son Lux

3. Tainted Love (Original) - Gloria Jones

4. Other People - Beach House

5. The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover) - Cuff The Duke

6. Trying To Be Cool (RAC Mix) - Phoenix

7. Black Out Days - Phantogram

8. Distance - Emily King

9. Red Eyes - The War on Drugs

10. The First Cut Is The Deepest (Original) - P.P. Arnold

11. Now You Know My Name - The Derevolutions

12. My Evaline - Weezer

13. Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend

14. Velvet (The Big Pink cover) - Lykke Li

15. Younger - Seinabo Sey

16. Instant Karma - Scattered Trees

17. Katoucha - Seydou Boro

1. I have a well-documented love of Pharrell Williams. But sorry mom, I do not love "Happy". It bores me. This remix is absolutely beautiful though.
3. The best. One of these days, I'm going to be a karaoke star, and this will be my go-to jam.
7. I got to see these guys on Wednesday. So fun. Thanks to little brother Jeremy for the tix!
13. "If I can't trust you, then damn it Hannah...
      There's no future, there's no answer
      Though we live on the US dollar
      You and me we got our own sense of time"
14. A shout-out to 4 years ago. My first semester back at BYU, I listened to this song on the daily. Later that year, The Big Pink came into town and did a free DJ set at Graywhale...And nobody came. OK exaggeration, me and Jeremy and 3 random teenage girls were there. Have you seen these two? Such a funny pair. Their size disparity is even more pronounced in real life. We chatted with them a bit, and they were friendly. But I could tell that they were thinking: "What in the bloody hell are we doing in the bloody tiny record store and there is no one here and WTF". But they didn't let those thoughts show. They kept asking if we were coming to the show, and I'd never been to Urban Lounge and none of my friends were going and I didn't want to go by myself. So I didn't go. And, don't laugh. It's one of my biggest regrets. I have always felt this burden to play hostess and be like, a representative of all of Utah and all of Salt Lake and all Mormons when I meet semi-famous people. I don't know. I want every person who stops by Salt Lake to have a great time, and to love this city as much as I do. Is that weird? Anyway, here is LykkeLi doing a cover of one of my favorite songs.
15. Life motto
17. Do you feel like sobbing? Watch this. I love this movie.

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