Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Verse: "Warning" - Larry Rubin

Disasters will strike. Despite the infinite
Precautions you may have taken, the day will come
When, numb-lipped in the dentist's chair perhaps,
You won't b able to put another nickel
In the meter, or when you suddenly discover
The transmission won't unlock into reverse.
And what will you do then - with everybody
Honking, and all the service trucks away
On call? Or your eye may stray into
The wrong column - common stocks, time-
Tables, taxes for your income bracket.
One little slip, and you may find
Yourself on the wrong train, making bad
Investments, questioned by a federal man,
Falsely accused even in a death
Because you left a funeral too soon.
Watch every step: you will not be so lucky
As barefoot birds, singing on the voltage lines.

- Larry Rubin

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