Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Music for your Midweek: Bruno Mars - "Locked Out Of Heaven" (Acoustic)

I used to worry a lot about music and where it was going to go. If there were any new ways for it to progress and evolve, or if we now in an age where there could be no innovation, just a repetition of old trends.
"...try to spot the big, obvious defining differences between 2012 and 1992. Movies and literature and music have never changed less over a 20-year period. Lady Gaga has replaced Madonna, Adele has replaced Mariah Carey... and Jay-Z and Wilco are still Jay-Z and Wilco" 
"We seem to have trapped ourselves in a  vicious cycle... which leads us to embrace the past and turn the present into a pleasantly eclectic for-profit museum; which deprives the cultures of innovation of the fuel they need to conjure genuinely new ideas and forms; which deters radial change, reinforcing the economic (and political) stagnation... I worry some days, this is the way that Western civilization declines, not with a bang but with a long, nostalgic whimper"

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And who better to embrace all this nostalgia with then Bruno Mars. His latest "Uptown Funk" is the ultimate throwback, referencing every decade. But here I decided to share one of my other favey faveys. 

I'll listen to this a million times thanks.

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